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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) A Little Lunacy Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Tan Tan Tanuki no kintama wa,
Kaze mo nai no ni,
Bura bura!

The mischievous sake-swigging, debt-riddled shapeshifting raccoon dog. These creatures carry a fistfuls of counterfeit cash and wear leaves from Buddha's sacred lotus atop their heads. Their kin-tama — golden balls — are so large that they can swing them over their shoulders like backpacks, and are so taut that they can play them like drums. They are masters at the art of transformation, and live to overindulge in wine and women.

A scent of hedonistic, uninhibited joy: bamboo reed, plum blossom, persimmon, magnolia, black pine, sweet osmanthus, flowering cherry, mandarin orange, wisteria, and yuzu.


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