Spirit Board (2017)

Spirit Board (2017)

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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) Yule : An Evening with the Spirits Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Neglected by Her Lover She Seeks Comfort of a Fortune-Telling Device

BRIDGEPORT, Conn., Nov. 20.— Mrs. Eugenia Carpenter, a young woman living at 221 Myrtle, av., has been receiving attention from a young man who very recently ceased to call upon her.

Mrs. Carpenter bought a fortune-telling board called “ouija,” and from it received the prediction that her suitor would not return to her.

Last night she was found wandering almost nude in the streets.

Her reason was gone and at intervals she cried out “Ouija said so and I knew it was true.”

November 21st 1891
Boston Daily Globe

Redwood and bois de rose with white lilac, dried pink roses, and black tea.


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