Savage Forever

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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) The Song of Creation Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

And Thridi said: Just as cold arose out of Niflheim, and all terrible things, so also all that looked toward Múspellheim became hot and glowing; but Ginnungagap was as mild as windless air, and when the breath of heat met the rime, so that it melted and dripped, life was quickened from the yeast-drops, by the power of that which sent the heat, and became a mans form. And that man is named Ymir, but the Rime-Giants call him Aurgelimir

But concerning this says Vafthrúdnir the giant:

Out of the Ice-waves | issued venom-drops,
Waxing until | a giant was;
Thence are our kindred | come all together,
So it is | they are savage forever.

A giant born of the force of elemental savagery, given form by venom and ice: frozen ambergris and dark, primal musk, molten amber, black cypress, and frost-limned opoponax.


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