Lucan's Phoenix

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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) Anniversary : 13th Anniversary (2015) Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Discontinued)

Then copious poisons from the moon distils
Mixed with all monstrous things which Nature's pangs
Bring to untimely birth; the froth from dogs
Stricken with madness foaming at the stream;
A lynx's entrails and the knot that grows
Upon the fell hyaena; flesh of stags
Fed upon serpents and the sucking fish
Which holds the vessel back though eastern winds
Make bend the canvas; dragon's eyes; and stones
That sound beneath the brooding eagle's wings.
Nor Araby's viper, nor the ocean snake
Who in the Red Sea waters guards the shell,
Are wanting; nor the slough on Libyan sands
By horned reptile cast nor ashes fail
Snatched from an altar where the Phoenix died

Copious poisons from the moon distils: frankincense, mugwort, toxic moonseed, lemon balm, pale yellow musk seed, and elemi.


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