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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) Dragon Con Event Exclusive Perfume Oil (Limited)

Signelil sits in her bower alone,
Of her golden harp she waked the tone.

Beneath her mantle her harp she played,
Then in came striding the worm so laid.

“Proud Signelil, if thou me wilt wed,
I’ll give thee store of gold so red.”

“Forbid the heavenly God so great
That I should become the Lindworm’s mate.”

“Since thee I may not for a wife acquire,
Kiss me only and I’ll retire.”

The linen so white betwixt she placed,
And the laidly worm she kissed in haste.

With his tail of serpent up strook he,
From beneath her dress the blood ran free.

The Lindworm down from the chamber strode,
Wringing her hands behind she trode.

And when she came out upon the stair
Her seven bold brothers met her there.

“Welcome our sister, whither dost hie?
Keep’st thou the Lindworm company?”

“Ah, yes! with the laidly worm I go,
Because hard fate will have it so.”

The Lindworm into the mountain strode,
Wringing her hands behind she trode.

She fell on her knee, and her prayer she made,
“Now son of Mary deign to aid.”

And when he had come to the mountain in,
Off he cast his serpent’s skin.

His snake’s appearance off he shook,
And the form of a stately knight he took.

“Thanks for thy trouble, proud Signelil,
Now live and die with thee I will.”

Now is proud Signild free from fright,
In a prince’s arm she sleeps each night.

Smoky green leather smeared with crushed grasses and wild herbs.


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