Dolce Stil Nuovo (Vintage)

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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) Dark Delicacies : Clearing out the Cobwebs Retail Exclusive Perfume Oil (Limited)

Vintage from Clearing Out the Cobwebs 2 at DD on May 23rd 2009.

Love always finds shelter in the gentle heart. Dolce Stil Nuovo is a 13th & 14th century Florentine literary style that celebrates love and womanhood through heartfelt, delicate, and melodious sonnets, ballate, and canzones. This is fin'amor, Courtly Love, in its most moving form, and the emotions that these words express reflect love that both spiritual and idealized.

Within this literary movement, earthly love reaches for the Divine.

Who is she coming, whom all gaze upon,
Who makes the air tremulous with light,
And at whose side is Love himself? that none
Dare speak, but each man's sighs are infinite.
Ah me! how she looks round from left to right,
Let Love discourse: I may not speak thereon.
Lady she seems of such high benison
As makes all others graceless in men's sight.
The honor which is hers cannot be said;
To whom are subject all things virtuous,
While all things beauteous own her deity.
Ne'er was the mind of man so nobly led
Nor yet was such redemption granted us
That we should ever know her perfectly.

Our interpretation of Dolce Stil Nuovo is a blend of rose otto, carnation, vanilla flower, lavender and jasmine with the clarity of crystalline white musk and the warmth of golden amber.


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