Crystal Gazers

Crystal Gazers

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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) Yule : An Evening with the Spirits Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Let the observer gaze, steadily but not fatiguingly, into some speculum, or clear depth, so arranged as to return as little reflection as possible. A good example of what is meant will be a glass ball enveloped in a black shawl, or placed in the back part of a half-opened drawer; so arranged, in short, that the observer can gaze into it with as little distraction as may be from the reflection of his own face or of surrounding objects. After he has tried (say) three or four times, for ten minutes or so at a time—preferably in solitude, and in a state of mental passivity—he will perhaps begin to see the glass ball or crystal clouding, or to see some figure or picture apparently in the ball. Perhaps one man or woman in twenty will have some slight occasional experience of this kind; and perhaps one in twenty of these seers (the percentages must as yet be mainly guess-work) will be able by practice to develop this faculty of inward vision up to a point where it will sometimes convey to him information not attainable by ordinary means.

– Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death, Frederic W. H. Myers

A hazy image blooming into focus, all symbol and portent: crystalline white musk and yellow frankincense surrounding an amorphous, shifting shadow of black plum, neroli, verbena, and green cognac.


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