Autumn Air

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Black Baccara Permanent Collection General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Aroma palette is cool, spicy, and fruity.Highlightsincludespicyroot beer, caramel swirls, iced green tea, crisp apple, cool wintergreen, and windsweptautumnleaves.

The first cool fall day disperses the aromas of the season into the air creating a magical sensory palette of leaves, crisp air, branches, and unique aromas wafting from houses and shops.

This blend begins with root beer and wintergreen reminiscent of an old fashioned soda shop and quickly morphs into green tea swirled with a ghosting of apples. On the drydown, the palette is sealed by caramel and black pepper. This is a unique herbal, fruit, and lightly earthy blend evocative of autumn air.

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