Pistachio Pudding Cake

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Astrid Perfume Second Anniversary : Cake Anniversary Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Time to celebrate the second anniversary of Astrid Perfume! Woots galore! Despite the uncertainty and awfulness in the world, I am so grateful to be able to continue this path of art in scent and that you find joy in my art! I mean, I am truly, truly grateful and it's important that you know this! Every single order, every customer.

To mark the occasion like last year, I am offering the custom cake perfumes again! You will find 10 cake scents and 10 frostings/fillings to choose from to mix and match. Also, because I realize some of you really like your single notes, I am offering each ingredient as a single note option also! The same ordering window will stand for both types of perfume.

Cake batters:
Pistachio pudding
Spiced Pear

Frosting or fillings:
Apple pie filling
Butterscotch buttercream
Chocolate ganache (glaze)
Coconut frosting
Cream cheese frosting
Lavender vanilla buttercream
Lemon glaze
Pumpkin pie spice buttercream
Raspberry coulis
Rose vanilla buttercream


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