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Astrid Perfume heXennacht : 2019 Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Blackened strawberry, sandalwood, sweet musk, dragon’s blood, ho wood, aged patchouli, almond, candied apple, and delicate, but tenacious blooms.
As women, self-sustenance is still a challenge. We are not as free as our male counterparts. The struggle for equality and fairness continues. Our voices are still not fully heard or believed. Attempts are made to control our very own bodies. We still earn less. In so many ways, it feels like we have regressed. It is so depressing. I tell myself, “Don’t lose hope!” and still feel like we are doomed. But, being honest with myself, we have made strides; some days big ones and some days teeny tiny ones. This perfume is to remind us of our own inner autonomy and our will to thrive despite a harsh environment.


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