Geisha O-cha

Geisha O-cha

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Aroma M General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Tea ceremony. An everyday task becomes a meditation, a dance, a graceful art. Traditional Japanese green tea is the heart of this delicate, refreshing scent and it stays true, unlike some green tea-based scents that become too floral or too fruity as the day wears on.Transparently luminous like fine porcelain, Geisha O-cha roll-on is a long lasting light scent particularly perfect when worn on warm days.

Spiked with the clean crisp flavors of green tea and the revitalizing notes of sweet orange, o-cha is mellowed and feminized with the addition of bois de rose of vanilla. This is a scent of vital serenity. Wear Geisha o-cha morning to twilight. O-cha’s harmonious essential oil blends will add sparkling warmth to your day, promote self-awareness, and balance your spirits.


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