Outset Island

Outset Island

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Area of Effect The Legend of Zelda : Valentine's General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Part of The Legend of Zelda Valentine's Day Collection!

Idyllic home to Link and Aryll in The Wind Waker, Outset Island is a true paradise. The island was blessed by Farore, the goddess of wind. Enjoy the scent of:

**gorgeous hot sands, a vanilla breeze, mighty earthen oak, the warm amber sun, and a dragon-boat made of cedar and sandalwood.**

It is said that "the greatest treasures of all, the Triumph Forks, are buried beneath the big-head boulder at the top of the hill." -Fishman. >_<

TL;DR — sand, vanilla, oak, amber, cedar, sandalwood; BEACHY | WARM | MY-SKIN-BUT-BETTER


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