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Antimony Blue Summer Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

There's an excitement running through your veins. An electric hum, heating your skin and thrilling your heart. Every fibre of your being vibrates with anticipation of what's to come, what could come... and it's delicious. You can taste the tumult on your tongue, at once sweet and sour and spiced like exotic fruits and empyrean blossoms and blood. The night is your own, and you embrace it, throwing yourself into it and feeling its velvet crush against your skin as it throws itself back.

Buttery lilies gilded with caramel cream and brown sugar, cirrus cotton-candy clouds crowding out a moon of blood-red berries and bright pink fruits, whispers of ginger and pepper on the breath of wine and gin cocktails. Infused with golden rutilated quartz to manifest your deepest desires and amplify the will.


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