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Antimony Blue General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

You've chased these ghosts for a thousand miles, hunting through air and sea, tracking dirt roads and highways. Now you're at their mercy. Each breath fills your lungs with spirits, heavy in the air like the scent of oleander and sweet olive that grow from their graves. They're at the bottom of each glass, each milky swirl in every cafe au lait or glass of absinthe another fleeting presence. Sleepless nights and early mornings fill you with visions, real and imagined. Your muse has never been so close.

A favourite leather jacket and rose perfume mingled with the ghosts of dragonsblood and sandalwood incenses, born on a breeze of southern blooms with endless cups of smooth, chicory coffee with steamed milk, and a dangerous cocktail of sugared absinthe. Possession was inspired by my fevered days and nights in New Orleans, chasing history and pinning ghosts to paper. Blended with clear quartz to amplify creative energies and channel your personal ghosts to constructive ends, connect with your muse, and open the imagination.


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