Le Chevrefeuille

Le Chevrefeuille

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Annick Goutal Floral : citrus General Catalog Eau de Toilette (Available)

As Camille Goutal walked through the garden in her family home in Provence, she remembered the crowns of honeysuckle that she would weave with her cousins when they would play princess.
This perfume evokes the sun, the laughter of children, and a tender, carefree scent. A time that wasn't so long ago...
A smiling fragrance, transparent, which sings like the first days of Spring.

The flower of honeysuckle has a suave and honey scent. It is subtly transformed by the stem, which brings a green, fresh and herbaceous note. Other secrets : a hint of wild narcissus, a suggestion of jasmine and a dash of lemon tree seeds.
Freshness and sun, flower and fruit... The contrasts create the harmony.


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