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Amouage Limited Edition Eau de Parfum (Limited)

Ubar, named after a long lost Arabian city uncovered by archeologists in 1992, is a bright, uplifting floral fragrance with a warm and passionate heart. Ubar opens with tingling lemon and lily of the valley that is freshened first by rose, then rendered languorous by a sultry dose of jasmine. As the fragrance settles, creamy vanilla and sandalwood infuse the scent, emphasizing that Ubar is made for a woman, not a girl. As with all the Amouage fragrances, its craftsmanship is exquisite and its ingredients are topnotch. Ubar would be marvelous on an August night, but it is fresh enough for day, too. We'd reach for Ubar any summer day — or any day we wish it were summer.

Ubar Notes

Bergamot, lemon, lily of the valley, damascene rose, jasmine, civet, vanilla


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