Jubilation 25

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Amouage General Catalog Eau de Parfum (Available)

Undeniably beautiful and supremely elegant – Jubilation 25 recalls the classic French scents of the past without ever losing its own exotic sense of identity. A tendril of incense weaves through exquisite rose, fruity davana and spicy amber, keeping this very true to its Eastern roots. But no mere listing of notes can really give you a sense of what this is like and for once adjectives fail us. It is one of those fragrances where the notes really work as chords – you can't pick out the tarragon or the ylang ylang or the patchouli because it is all blended together so artfully that it becomes something else entirely.The effect of all this intricate harmony is ladylike and lovely and perfectly suitable for an updo and pearls. And yet — there is a hint of growl underneath all of this refinement, an insistent spiciness that makes you think that any minute the hair might come down and the top buttons might be undone and something wild might happen that would never be spoken of again. Discretely sensuous and truly compelling.

Jubilation 25 Notes

Tarragon, lemon, ylang ylang, Rock rose, frankincense, davana, labdanum ciste, patchouli, amber, vetiver, musk, myrrh


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