Green Witch

Green Witch

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Alkemia Perfumes Earth, Grass, Hay, Moss, Oakmoss General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

A herbal invocation of oakmoss, diviner's sage, lemon verbena, woodland orchid, enchanter's nightshade, winterhazel, rowan bark, and aromatic woods.

"be with me in the sacred witchery
of almostness which May makes follow soon
on the sweet heels of passed afterday,
clothe thy soul's coming merely,with a croon
of mingling robes musically revealed
in rareness:let thy twain eyes deeply wield
a noise of petals falling silently
through the far-spaced possible nearaway
from huge trees drenched by a rounding moon."

? E.E. Cummings

Art: Medea The Sorceress by Valentine Cameron, 1880


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