Second Task

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Alchimia Apothecary A Wizard's Fable General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Looking out at the stillness of the lily pads, and knowing what lies beneath, you truly realize in that moment that not everything is as innocuous as it appears. Hidden in the murky abyss are creatures some have only heard of in their imaginations. For a select few, they have to dive in face first and look them in the eye. Gillyweed lines the watery banks of this dank bottomless lake, making home to the grindylows. Such bratty things. Pockets of cold suddenly hit. The silly ghost must have gone and flushed herself again. Delving further into the breech you stumble upon mermaids and other water dwelling creatures. It's past this that you see it. You've arrived at what you came here for and have to keep moving forward. There is a task at hand.


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