Calliope Crash "Suicide Mix"

Darling Clandestine
(Limited Edition)
Status: Limited

Calliope Crash is the name of the DarlingClandestine line of original fragrances, and I thought it also fitting for these surprising solid perfumes.

Did you ever go to the self-serve soda fountain and make yourself a "suicide mix" of all the flavors in one cup? That's the idea behind Calliope Crashes. When I prepare my solid perfumes on the stovetop, I often have just a teeeeny bit of the melted mixture left that isn't enough to fill another tin. I'll pour that mixture into a little vintage copper pot, right on top of the mixture from the last fragrance. :) The resulting melange is pretty fantastic, and I've been using it for my personal stash. Now I'd like to share it with you!

With this listing, you'll get a perfume solid featuring a surprise concoction of any number of DarlingClandestine fragrance combinations, from the Hot Suite to the Sweet Suite and anything in between. No two batches will be the same! Please note: This is NOT a "design your own" option; it's a random surprise! If you order more than one, you *might* get two of the same batch, which means, of course, you'll have twice as much of your very rare and special surprise blend. Then again, you might not! XD