Private Eye

Solstice Scents
Dark Spring (Limited Edition)
Status: Limited

Cocoa Absolute, Myrrh EO, Pink Pepper EO, Black Pepper EO, Tonka absolute, Buddha Wood, Tobacco absolute, Coffee EO, Guiacwood, Rosewood EO, etc. — 5ml


A mix of vices: dark chocolate, black coffee and cigarettes wrapped in a worn leather bomber jacket and staked out in a tan '72 Buick Skylark on a humid night. Radio static white noise crackling through the speakers, cigarette ashes on the car door. Later: a dark office. Neon lights cut sharply through the shadows. The hot bulb of the film projector heats up. Rotating reels emanate the familiar smell of warm celluloid and dust motes, flying just inches away from the lens.

Private Eye is a raw, gritty and unusual fragrance that radiates atmosphere and mystery. This inspired scent is spicy, earthy, sweet and slightly smoky with the faintest trace of leather. An all natural blend of resinous myrrh, rich cacao, effervescent pink pepper, black pepper, tobacco absolute, coffee essential oil, choya loban, guaiacwood, tonka bean, aged patchouli, rosewood and the woody, candied clove-like scent of buddha wood essential oil, Private Eye seeks to take you on a suspenseful journey full of mystery, into a dark and tangled world of unraveling secrets.

This is a very complex scent. Multiple notes arise on initial application: a blast of pink and black peppers, chocolate and coffee are followed quickly by heavy, resinous myrrh. Immediately thereafter the bright rosewood emerges, hovering above a gloriously smooth worn leather and smoke blend. After a few minutes you can still pick out several of these notes but the spicy buddha wood begins to edge up next to the rosewood. After this stage, the blend will develop a slightly sweeter profile while still remaining dark and complex. The spicy notes remain throughout the life of the perfume and are dominant, particularly the buddha wood. After it has been on for a while the tonka bean will begin to add a soft creamy carmelic note. Private Eye has incredible staying power. Unisex.

Cocoa absolute may stain lighter colored clothing and skin. When applying perfume, rub perfume in quickly as it is easier to work into skin with less chance of staining.

Private Eye contains spice oils. A slight warming sensation may be present on initial application for individuals with sensitive skin. This should not cause any great discomfort or be a lasting sensation.

Application tip: If your roller ball runs dry during application, remove black cap, hold your bottle vertically with roller ball pointing to the ground and forcefully shake/thrust the bottle down one time to replenish the oil in the well. Now it is ready to reapply to your skin.