Las Soladeras

Alkemia Perfumes
(General Catalog)
Status: Available

Soladeras were women who took up arms in the Mexican Revolution. They were praised as symbols of strength and resistance, but criticized for their sexual freedom and independence. This is a bad-ass perfume for bad-ass women who aren't afraid to take a stand in love or war...

A blend of commandingly sexy musks blended with Queen Elizabeth root (a hoodoo charm for strength and luck); fiesty pink pepper, bay and ginger; a splash of honky-tonk ale; a fleeting kiss of tonka; and a dash of gunpowder.

"You never get nothing
By being an angel child,
You better change your ways
And get real wild.

I want to tell you something
I wouldn't tell you no lie,
Wild women are the only kind
That really get by,

"Cause wild women don't worry,
Wild women don't have the blues."

-Ida Cox (blues singer/songwriter)