Deadly Nightshade

Alkemia Perfumes
(General Catalog)
Status: Available

Deadly Nightshade is also called Atropa Belladonna — 'the beautiful lady who cuts the threads of life.' In the Middle Ages, Belladonna was equated with witchcraft and aggressive female sexuality. The maenods of the orgies of Dionysus would ingest Belladonna and would either throw themselves into the arms of male worshipers or tear them apart and eat them. Roman priests were known to have drank an infusion of Belladonna before making supplications to Bellona, their Goddess of War, for a victory in battle.

A darkly feminine blend of deep purple violets in a hypnotic chypre of sueded dark leathers, aged patchouli, midnight-black amber, and a narcotic swirl of opium.