Bohemian Baby

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This is a blend i made solely for myself ages ago; i was going for the something the rich-girl-turns-hippie character Sheila, from the musical "Hair", would wear. Hair is an old favourite — choreographed by my namesake, the inimitable Twyla Tharp, who's a sort of hero of mine.

At first i didn't know what to name this perfume — i obviously couldn't name it "Hair", who would buy it?? And the name Rich Hippie is already taken by another perfume company, plus it sound a bit too precious. Then, I sampled versions of it out to a few people under the name "Kaya #1 and #2" and people seemed to like them both — they only vary by one ingredient but they smell tremendously different! This is the renamed and final version of Kaya #2. I decided to name V.1 Kaya, in the end — and this version Bohemian Baby. SO, that's the deal, for those of you who got samples, etc.

Bohemian Baby is a very simple but gorgeous blend, for those of you who like a bit of contradiction in your perfumes. You nouveau flower children will certainly love it, but it has an elegance and sophistication that makes it incredibly wearable for all types of men and women and anything in between :).

It has three main ingredients — cannabis flower, Madagascar vanilla and a special blend of sweet patchouli and antique patchouli, that's been aged about 19 years now. I guess that makes it four ingredients, technically...

Anyway, i LOVE this blend. It's deceptively complex and layered. The cannabis flower sweetens it and brings out a unique floral/herbal quality to the blend, the vanilla gives it a mellowed element, rounding out any sharp edges one can associate with patchouli — and as for the patchoulis...Oh, the patchoulis! Sweet patchouli is an actual thing, and it definitely is sweet! It's much more floral and nutty than the usual patch, as well as being much lighter. It has no harshness at all. The vintage patch is incredibly rich and almost red wine-like, bringing a depth to this perfume.

It's also blended with hemp seed oil carrier as well as the usual fractionated coconut oil, to give it even more body and enhance the cannabis flower oil.

This is also a blend for vanilla lovers and those who enjoy the smell of cannabis flower. One might think it sounds like some kind of hippie-throwback monstrousity, but i assure you it's not what you might expect.

Don't believe it? Try it and find out for yourself! <3

Aromatherapy notes — cannabis flower is incredibly relaxing — it helps soothe frazzled nerves and can help ease aching heads. Patchouli is commonly used in blends to help lift the spirits and fortify the nerves. Vanilla is universally comforting and stress-relieving.

Ingredients — fractionated coconut oil, essential oils, natural isolates, C02s and absolutes