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Maia (General Catalog)

Vintage patchouli, tuberose, massoia bark, neroli, amber, clove bud, fire tree and honey.

"Standing at the foot of the bed was a girl a few years older and a little taller than herself, with a broad nose and short, curling black hair. Completely naked, her lithe, slim body was dark brown-almost black. She was wearing a necklace of curved teeth; and thrown back from its fastening round her neck, so that it hung behind her from shoulders to knees, was a scarlet cloak. As she blinked, Maia saw in the candlelight that her eyelids were painted silver.
Meeting Maia's eyes, the girl smiled briefly. Then she picked up Genshed's knife and tried it in her hand with the air of one not unused to such things.

At the same moment Genshed turned over, sat up on the floor and set his back against the rough, lime-washed wall.

"Stay there, you blasted pig," said the black girl quietly. "Doan' try to get up, or I'll cut your zard off and stuff it up your venda." "

~ Maia, Richard Adams

Part of the Maia collection — a strong, fierce blend, warm and earthy and beautifully androgynous. This is NOT a girly or subtle blend — yet nor is it typically "manly". It's definitely for a strong woman, or a man who appreciates the contradiction of a bit of sweet sensuality in his blends. This blend is for patchouli-lovers, and those of you who think you don't like patchouli might want to give this a try in sample form! Good quality, aged or vintage patchouli is nothing like "stinky hippie" patchouli that you may associate this highly misunderstood little plant with. It is complex, deep, earthy, with a touch of heady and musky floral; a bit sweet, warm and rich with amber undertones, this blend comes on strong and dries down with an earthy, polished and resinous beauty. Definitely give this complex scent a try!