Attar Al Oud

Alkemia Perfumes
(General Catalog)
Status: Available

Agarwood/Oud is a mysteriously complex, morphing oil that smells simultaneously of precious woods, amber, smoke, and ambergris. Agarwood/Oud is not for everyone, but for those who love woods and resins, it is a deep, unisex fragrance that slowly develops into an utterly unique wood-incensey richness over 5 to 15 minutes on your skin. Many people find that oud-based scents will continue to morph over several hours. Lovely in an oil burner as a smoke-free alternative to incense.

Our Attar Al Oud enhances the wild, natural complexity of sustainable agarwood/oud oil with exotic swirls of dark musk, bone-white sandalwood, and dry amber.