Smoke & Mirrors

Alkemia Perfumes
Vanillas, Cocoas, Sweets (General Catalog)
Status: Available

An elusive, smokey blend of burning wood, Madagascar Vanilla, and Tonka. We find this one to be elementally simple, but unusually mercurial and highly responsive to different skin chemistries... the vanilla and the smoke dance with each other almost continuously... sometimes the foreground is smoky, then sweet, then returns with sweetly smoky, then smoky.

I originally blended Smoke & Mirrors as a 'rescue' layering element for a customer whose Beloved had spent $275 on a bottle of gorgeous perfume that didn't work with her chemistry. Accordingly, Smoke & Mirrors makes a fabulous layering scent that adds intriguing and mysterious elements to other perfumes... works particularly well for toning down any perfumes that are too sweet, deepening and gloriously complicating resin and incense based scents, and softening chypres and any 'sharp' woody scents.